Our Paper

All of our plantable seed paper is made by hand here in Lincoln, Nebraska. The recycled fibers we use are 100% locally sourced, making our paper a natural choice for those looking for an eco-friendly option. We make our seed paper in several colors and have the ability to custom produce colors and seed mixes of your choice. Our paper measures 19″x25″ with a full deckle edge or 18″x24″ with trimmed edges. With 20+ years of experience we have developed a healthy obsession for paper! An obsession that will play in your favor when working with us. Thanks for taking a look.

19`` by 25`` with a full deckle edge

100% Locally Sourced Recycled Fibers

Handmade one sheet at a time

Plantable Paper Pricing

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A minimum order of 40 sheets (1 Batch) is required for custom orders.

Paper Swatches
Our Seed Paper Mixes

Over the twenty years we have made plantable paper, we have developed three seed mixes that we believe look great in the paper and stand up best to all printing processes. We do also offer the option to do custom seed mixes for those extra special projects.

View Wildflower Seed Mix

Black-Eyed Susan0

Spurred Snapdragon0

Shirley Poppy0

Evening Primrose0

Mexican Hat0

Corn Poppy0

Sweet Alyssum0

White Yarrow0

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View Vegetable Seed Mix




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