Art Preperation

Preparing Artwork for Letterpress

Preparing Artwork for Letterpress

What is the smallest line width you can print?

The smallest line width we can hold on our plate is .3pt. If you have trailing dots or swooshes, make sure they are wide enough. Those tend to be trouble areas.

What type of file do you need from me?

We would like a press ready PDF, EPS, Illustrator or Indesign file with images embedded and all fonts outlined. Your images need to be either vector or bitmap. Do not send JPEG format images. Make sure your file is converted to 100% CMYK black or use pantone colors.

Do I need to add trapping to my art work?

While we can register pretty darn good it never hurts to add trapping if the art work has a lot of hair line registration. With that being said most of the time we receive artwork without trapping. We will leave that up to you.

Can I receive a proof?

We can provide you with a digital proof. If you want an actual letterpress proof that will require us to make the plates and set it up on the press. By that time we are ready to run the job. If you still need to see one arrangements can be made and cost associated with that will vary.

How many colors can you print?

We do not print “full color”. We print spot color. We mix the exact color you are trying to achieve. So for every color you choose, it will be a separate pass through our press.

Can you print screens?

Yes we can print screens; however, we recommend printing in a lighter color. While we can hold a screen, it can get plugged up especially when printing on seeded paper. We output our film at 100LPI which will generate the halftone you specified. Halftones can be an interesting effect and 4 color process can be achieved with even more interesting results.

Can I print on both sides?

Yes you can! It is best to use a heavier stock (220lb or our thicker handmade paper) so that there is no image show through on the other side. We typically print the “feature” side last so that has the best impression.

Can I print a large solid?

Yes you can but keep in mind that the color might vary between pieces. Heavy solids are not meant for letterpress but can be achieved. Also, keep in mind that in order to print a heavy solid we use more ink than normal and that will cause any finer details to look thicker than normal. Ideally it would be best to print fine details and heavy solids in different runs. If you are uncertain on how your design will print feel free to get ahold of us and we will do our best to let you know.

Preparing Artwork for Inkjet

What type of file do you need?

We would like press ready PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPG.

How should I prepare my files?

You can request templates from us for easy placement of artwork.

If your image has a bleed we need at least 3/8” bleed.

The live area is the area the image can take up and still leave a safe amount of space around it for trim. That area is usually 3/8” around the image.

Keep in mind that due to screen calibrations and printer settings colors may vary slightly.

Light ink coverage is required for inkjet printing.

Can I receive a proof?

Yes you can! We provide a digital proof with every order.

If you want to see a printed proof that can be done at a cost of $25 per proof.

Can I print on both sides?

Yes you can but again light ink coverage is recommended.